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10 comments on “Contact
  1. Dex says:

    Any chance of giving the option to install .NET framework 4.0? Seems like every game i install forces me to install software I already have installed. Gets annoying.

  2. Joey says:


    The game looks really fun but when I downloaded it and installed it and all of that the characters dont move they just stand there. How do i play the game properly or set it up properly

    • admin says:

      This is a multiplayer LAN only game. You must run the server first, then run the actual game. After installing navigate to C:\UDK\AppliedScience\ and double click on “Applied Science Server” to start the server then enter the IP address of the computer with the server running at the main menu.

  3. phly95 says:

    Could you make a portable version like apps at ? That would be so helpful, as I’ve increased popularity of Sauerbraten by putting it on my school’s work-share drive, so I think if this were a Portable App, I could increase it’s popularity because all the kids know where the games are located (a random New Folder that no one would suspect, because there are plenty of them and no one feels like deleting the “useless” folders, therefore, a clever place for my game to hide).

  4. Mr.Lobo says:

    I love this game, but please, create something like a server list, or at least a tutorial. I can’t play multiplayer because I don’t know how to enter in servers

  5. Dylan says:

    Does this game support microphones/headsets?

  6. luke says:

    Hello can i just ask how are you impoving the game right now? as in putting it on steam.
    But this is a GREAT game idea :) and just an idea for a class a biology kinda person that can create a mini hybrid animal thing that runs around for a while attching people and eventual just dies if it hasnt been shot by then

  7. TheJDunster says:

    I am quite confused about multiplayer. Could anyone clear it up how to play with other online players.
    Tnx! :P

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