We are currently producing a class-based first person shooter centered around science, bordering on the mad, called ‘Applied Science’. There are currently three playable classes named: Atomic Physicist, Chemist and Particle Physicist, each specialised in their own field of science. Each class has their own special ability; from bullet-stopping time fields to poisonous gas clouds and warp portals. Applied Science pits two teams against each other in a contest to hold capture points that charge up their team’s death ray and destroy the opposing team’s lab; thus winning the round for the team who managed to fully charge their death ray. The game map adds more to the game with its interesting features and pleasing visuals.

Our game is currently hosted  at and we appreciate any feedback concerning our game or any tips regarding distributing our game to both the public and the industry.
Alternatively you can also download it from

Here’s a quick preview, hope you enjoy it.

Caveman Mafia